Ethical Issues

The scope of the Research Unit is within the Social Sciences. Accordingly, CinTurs follows the APA (American Psychology Association) Ethics Code in order to protect the rights and confidentiality of research participants.

Specific ethical orientations:

  • Researchers are not allowed to disclose «confidential, personally identifiable information concerning their patients, individual or organizational clients, students, research participants, or other recipients of their services» (APA Ethics Code Standard 4.07 in Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 2013, Sixth edition);
  • The activity of the Research Unit does not involve processing of genetic information nor tracking of research participants. However, it may involve participant observation as a type of data collection, which is universally accepted in qualitative research;
  • All data collected may be used only for research purposes of the Research Unit and cannot be delivered to third parties for further use;
  • There will be no secondary use of previously collected personal data. If, for verification and validation of research methods data is requested (for instance by journals), it must be assured that data does not contain any personally identifiable information.

For other issues, including ethical and legal standards in publishing, ensuring accuracy of scientific knowledge, conflicts of interest, and protecting intellectual property rights, the Research Unit follows the APA norms as printed in the Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association, 2020, Seventh Edition, pp. 11-26.


For prevention and combating harassment, CinTurs follows the regulations set by its host organization, the University of Algarve, namely:

Open reporting channel:

Student Ombudsman:

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