To achieve its mission, CIEO/CinTurs guides its activity by pursuing the following goals:

1. Multidisciplinary research and collaborative processes

Given that Tourism entails diverse and cumulative knowledge from different fields, CIEO/CinTurs’s activities are oriented by an integrated and multidisciplinary research approach. This is why it is so important for the Centre including researchers not only with specific qualification in Tourism, but also from other areas that contribute to tourism understanding, development and management: Sociology, Environmental Sciences, Psychology, Economics, Management (mainly Marketing) and ITC. Moreover, it should be emphasized that our research areas don’t have clearly defined borderlines, as we believe that collaboration among researchers from different fields, through continuous sharing of skills and experiences, can potentiate the excellence in knowledge.

2. Internationalization

CIEO/CinTurs has important networks with several international institutions, including universities from different countries that the Centre intends to keep and increase in the future. These ties promote scholarly cooperation and collaborative work with researchers from other countries. In this regard, CIEO/CinTurs has ideal facilities and support services to go on receiving, in a regular basis, short visits from foreign researchers to work together and under supervision of members of the Centre.

These connections bring opportunities for the participation in Erasmus+ mobility programmes, inclusion of foreign researchers in our research projects, joint publications with foreign researchers and joint organization of international conferences.

3. Strong ties with the region

CIEO/CinTurs is settled at the UAlg, located in the Algarve, an authentic research laboratory on tourism phenomena. Significant research developed in the Unit has allowed a deeper understanding of the region, contributing to its identity and affirmation as a tourism destination. This focus persist in future activities, without neglecting, however, the study of other destinations, including comparative studies between regions.

This articulation between CIEO/CinTurs and the region potentiates the development of new research projects and participation in consulting projects, bridging the academy to the hospitality industry, and creating opportunities for further partnerships and funding.

4. Commitment to excellence in scientific production

The strategy of CIEO/CinTurs highlights a strong commitment in improving the scientific outcomes standards, materialized in an annual evaluation of researchers that mainly rewards publications in top journals indexed in Scopus and leading participation in funded projects. The edition and/or publication of books, edition of journals or special issues and publication of book chapters is also very welcome.

Any candidate to be integrated member of CinTurs must fulfil demanding requirements, namely in terms of quality of publications and participation in funded projects. All members need to submit an individual Annual Table of Productivity (ATP) by December 31 of each year to secure funding for their research activities. The set of points is rated and based on objective, verifiable criteria, which have been previously approved and published by the Scientific Committee. The most rated item is publications with Scopus Q1 or being a Project Coordinator in a funded competitive international project. The financial support will be attributed according to the number of points obtained in the ATP.

5. Sturdy support to advanced training

CIEO/CinTurs supports the accreditation processes of several advanced studies of the UALG. Especially in the PhD program in Tourism, the lectured seminars are closely related to the research areas of the Centre.

Scholarships for the PhD programs associated to the Centre are planned to be announced.

CIEO/CinTurs has a PhD network, composed of 48 students, in 2018, and the Young Researchers Network (YRN).

The Young Researchers Network (YRN) is composed by the PhD network plus recent doctorates of CIEO/CinTurs. This network has already scheduled activities, such as the organization of an annual symposium, untitled Doctoral Day of CIEO/CinTurs, giving researchers the opportunity to present their current work to senior researchers and invited experts, and a summer school that will include short courses on key topics identified by the coordination of YRN.

CIEO/CinTurs regularly organizes short courses, mostly in research methods, open to researchers and PhD students.

6. Strong involvement in relevant actions for society

CIEO/CinTurs is involved in relevant actions for society. The Centre put an emphasis in developing the following activities: