CinTurs has a clear organizational structure to facilitate its effective functioning.

The Coordinator, elected every 3 years by the Scientific Board, represents the Unit in compliance with its Statutes and has overall responsibility for guiding the strategic direction of the Centre and supervising its activities.

Two Co-coordinators, who support and represent the Coordinator when necessary. One Co-coordinator is more focused on issues related to the internationalisation of the Unit; and the other on liaising with regional and national stakeholders.

Areas Coordinators and Co-coordinators, who meet at least twice a year with the other colleagues working in the area to propose and implement activities, such as preparing joint applications for research calls and organisation of events.

Coordinating Board, comprising the Coordinator, the Co-coordinators and the Research Area Coordinators, which is responsible for monitoring the Centre's activities, particularly in relation to the Research Areas, and for discussing strategic issues and challenges facing the CinTurs.

Scientific Board, including all integrated PhD members, meeting at least twice a year to discuss and approve the strategic issues that guide the work of CinTurs.

External Advisory Board, consisting of international personalities who are experts in the research areas of the Centre. Each member of this board prepares an annual report and advises on the CinTurs' research policies.

Doctoral Network (DN), including all doctoral students supervised by the integrated members. The DN is coordinated by PhD students appointed by the Executive Board, which closely monitors their work. It aims to promote the integration of students into the Unit's activities and to stimulate the cooperation and support of PhD students during their academic journey.

Secretariat, with two staff members, one more focused on internal communication and outreach activities and the other more focused on administrative day-to-day activities and support to Unit's members.

Project manager from the UAIC (Research Support Unit of the University of Algarve).

CinTurs also has Collaborator PhD members who collaborate with the Integrated PhD members.


Organizational chart of CinTurs

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