CinTurs regularly organise and collaborate in the organisation of conferences, seminars and short courses. 

Conferences, mostly of international scope, aim to promote and disseminate academic research. The main themes are defined within the scope of research areas, in articulation with the interests of undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs. The organization of international conferences is an essential tool of the internationalization strategy for the research unit and has helped to create and strengthen networks with other universities, research centers and researchers at national and international levels.

Upcoming conferences:

  • ATHENA Conference 2026;
  • Tourism & Management Studies International Conference 2025.


Seminars, mostly with the participation of external guests, aim to analyze and discuss specific themes defined in articulation between the objectives of the research unit and the researchers, and the interests of the various undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs. The guests for these seminars are professionals from industry and academics. This type of event allows closer relations between the research unit and the region, thus contributing to the transfer of knowledge with significant benefits for both parties.

key topics previously addressed: Nature tourism; Tourism & residents' quality of life; Culture & tourism development; Tourism & well-being; Tourism & local development; Accessible tourism; Entrepreneurship in the tourism industry; Marketing in consumer behaviour; Tourism, Hospitality and Governance; Sustainability in tourism.


Short courses are defined according to training needs expressed by students and researchers who are members of CinTurs.

key topics previously addressed: Categorical Analysis Data; Data Analysis with R; Systematic Literature Review; Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo; PLS-SEM: Basic and Advanced Modules; Visual Methods in Tourism Research; Experimental Research.

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