RESTUR - Residents' attitudes and Behaviours towards Sustainable Tourism Development in the Algarve

This research project aims to measure and monitor the impacts of tourism on residents in the Algarve. Firstly, it will identify indicators, related to residents, which should be measured for the sustainable tourism development of the region. Secondly, it will quantify these indicators, by collecting data in the 16 municipalities of Algarve, in both high and low seasons. Thirdly, it will build a digital platform that will allow the interested stakeholders easily access the collected information, and closely accompany the effects of tourism in the visited regions. Besides its practical relevance, the project is theoretically innovative. It will validate a set of scales about the relationships residents-tourism-tourists, in a consolidated destination, as the Algarve. The project will also allow advancing knowledge in models to predict the relationships among residents’ attitudes towards tourism and behaviors, pro-tourism and pro-tourists.  

Partner institutions:  n/a

CinTurs researcher(s):  Patrícia Pinto (Principal Investigator), Manuela Guerreiro, Ana Renda, Célia Ramos, João Filipe Marques and Luís Nobre Pereira.

Budget UAlg: 203.543,68€

Funding institution(s):  ERDF by CRESC Algarve 2020

Period: 2019 – 2022

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