HARVESTAtlantic - Harnessing all resources valuable to economies of seaside territories on the Atlantic

The HARVESTAtlantic intends to identify and exchange good practices and sustainable solutions based on innovation, diversification and marketing for the maritime economy and resources, in order to improve the socioeconomic situation of the Atlantic seaside territories, through transnational cooperation. In particular, it will contribute to the enhancement of competitiveness and innovation capacities in four specific subsectors of the maritime economy: 1) biotech & nutraceutical; 2) RDT+I in navigation & gliding technologies (shipbuilding and yacht building); 3) halieutic industry and 4) green maritime energy.

Partner institutions: Mancomunidad de Municipios Sostenibles de Cantabria (Lead Partner), Spain; University of Cantabria, Spain; South West Regional Authority, Ireland; Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland; Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom; University of Algarve, Portugal and Ecole d'ingénieurs en génie des systèmes industriels, France.

CinTurs researcher(s): João Guerreiro

Budget UAlg: 145.828,00€

Total budget: 1.003.555,60€

Funding institution(s): ERDF by Atlantic Area Transnational Programme 2007-2013

Period: 2011 - 2014

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