Researchers of CinTurs can be of different types:

  • Integrated PhD researchers (all researchers from the Research Unit who work in the scientific activity areas of the Unit and were admitted under the eligibility criteria set out in the CinTurs Regulation);
  • Collaborator PhD researchers (the remaining PhD researchers of the Unit who collaborate with the Integrated PhD members);
  • PhD students (doctoral students supervised by the PhD researchers of the Unit);
  • Research fellows (researchers benefiting from grants awarded by a national or international public or private entities).


CinTurs also has an External Advisory Board, composed of national and foreign researchers of recognized merit, who are experts in the research areas of the Unit, and whose main function is to accompany and advise on the activities and research policies of the Unit.

CinTurs regularly receives visiting researchers to work together and under supervision of members of the Centre.

The Unit has permanent administrative staff for secretariat, marketing and international relations services, and support to projects from UALG (UAIC).



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