Research and Innovation Structures

 *The researchers marked in bold are currently integrated researchers in CinTurs' application for FCT evaluation of R&D Units 2023-2024

Acronym Title Cinturs Researcher(s) Period Situation
PNT Plataforma Nacional de Turismo João Albino Silva; Patrícia Pinto; Alexandra Gonçalves and Cláudia Almeida 2023 - Ongoing
ABC CoLAB Laboratório Colaborativo do Algarve Biomedical Center Research Institute Alexandra Rodrigues Gonçalves;  José SantosJosé de São José; Luís Pereira;  Margarida Santos and Patrícia Pinto 2022 -  Ongoing
AlgSTO Algarve Sustainable Tourism Observatory João Albino Silva; Jorge Andraz, Luís Pereira  and Rui Nunes 2020 -  Ongoing


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