Tourism, Territories and Environment

Coordinator: Margarida Santos

Co-coordinator: Jorge Ramos


Framework: Tourism has a clear but complex relationship with the territory. Territories are not only spaces where tourism activities happen but, many times, the touristic resource itself, or even a set of multiple touristic resources that give rise to several products and touristic experiences. Indeed, the study of tourism phenomena requires a careful evaluation of the territories dynamics, their resources, potentialities and fragilities, since tourism can bring investment to the local economies, thus altering their economic structure, but also change the natural and humanized landscapes.

In the research area of sustainable tourism and territories, the negative impacts of tourism must be addressed, in order to be minimized, so that both tourists and residents reach the maximum benefits from tourism. In this area, several research challenges should receive attention: how carrying capacity of territories can sustainably support touristic offer, assessment and minimization of natural landscapes deterioration, diversification as strategy for climate change adaptation, strategies for landscape valorisation, territory planning, cities requalification and promotion of identity and authenticity of touristic territories.

Focus: This research area focuses on the symbiotic relationship between tourism, nature and territories, aiming to produce and disseminate knowledge to reduce the negative environmental impacts of tourism, preserve the biodiversity, lessen carbon footprints, and promote the responsible use of natural resources in tourist destinations.

Alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN for 2030: Sustainable cities and communities (goal 11); Life on land (goal 15); climate action (goal 13)

Keywords: Blue tourism; Circular economy in tourism; Tourism and climate change; Carbon neutral tourism; Coastal sustainability; Tourism environmental impacts; Environmental sustainability management; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in tourism; Landscape planning and management; Nature-based solutions (NBS); Nature-based tourism; Destination sustainable development; Sustainable operations in tourism; Green event management; Regenerative Tourism.


Photo by Appolinary Kalashnikova on Unsplash

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